After Ithaca

by Michael Kemp

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are floating in space;
together we are in motion
being each and both carried westward,
forward & rearward respectively,
by the proper perpetual motion of the earth
through everchanging tracks
of neverchanging space. 

They have determined our earth’s rotational velocity;
from the equator, our static journey
takes twenty three hours, fifty six minutes
& four seconds to complete.
From the micro to the macro,
all has been measured. 

O, terror of knowledge, terror of totality! 

Hold me, husk child –
the darks of your grey matter –
those known unknowns –
have to be mapped with black marks
like great lakes on yellow-drawn land;
between the material mesh of the flesh
are illegible sparks
that allow us to speak
to each other, like now.