When Icarus publishes work, be it by students, professors, featured writers, or whomever else, we always do so with the best interests of the creator in mind.

We publish work that we think others should see, both for the sake of our readership and for the sake of those we publish. The copyright of all work published in Icarus remains with the artist or producer of each piece. Those publishing with Icarus grant Trinity Publications an irrevocable license to publish their work both online and in print. 

We take seriously the work that we publish and aim to protect those who entrust us with this work. If you feel as though your interests are not being adequately represented with reference to the publication or management of your work by Icarus, Trinity Publications, or another affiliated body, you can reach us at either of the following:

 icarusmagsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com
The Editors, Icarus, Trinity Publications, House 6, DUBLIN 2

Icarus is also a fully participating member of the Press Council of Ireland. Therefore, serious appeals may also be directed to the Press Council of Ireland. For enquiries specifically concerning our digital archive, please contact at us at either of the above addresses or that of our chief archivist, jonesea [at] tcd [dot] ie. If you feel as though we have left vital information out of this notice, or that some part of it is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact us at either of the above addresses.